About Me

Just another minister's daughter who has known about God all my life. My parents taught me the importance of living a life based upon integrity, love, and forgiveness. At the age of nine I became a Christian. Yes, I had a lot to learn. Yes, I failed God at times, but through His mercy and love, I never ventured away from the fact that there is a Heaven and there is a plan in the Word of God that we must live by to reach that eternal place.

I started The Christian Network several years ago. I ventured on to other things, writing here every now and then. I love sharing what I have learned in my life from growing up I a Christian home, working in leadership during my career and now, retirement. I love writing and I love my Lord. I desire to be a blessing and want to help another soul who might be in pain.

So much has changed in our world, and how people overlook the need for salvation. I often wonder if it is because they have just not taken the time to look within and find their spiritual self. It is there, psychologist now say (some of them), we all have a spiritual self. Those of us that already know God's love and blessing know for a fact we have a soul within us, and we must nourish our spiritual self with reading of the Word, prayer, and worship. We must live a life of gratitude, practice giving to our fellowman, and worship Him in spirit and truth.

Please join us, tell us how you feel, and help us bring together women who love God and aren't afraid to say it.

Yours in Christ,

 Linda Todd

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  1. Hi, Linda
    Thank you for sharing your time and space sharing your Lord of Jesus with us.
    Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

  2. Thank you Jamie for stopping by to comment. I love your site and your efforts in letting others know more about Jesus and His love.



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