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Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water

The title to this post is a book written my Brian Luke Seaward, PH.D. I do not know when I purchased it, however, I suggest to you, it is a thought provoking inspirational read. No, I personally do not agree with all aspects of the thoughts concerning God, or some of the writing, however it would be a good read for anyone who has left their first love, God.

Since I am giving credit to the author, I am going to give you part of the opening of the forward to this book as it seems to be so true for so many people:

"I have both lived and worked at the edge of life for many years. What I have learned is that stress does not seem to be a question of overbearing bosses, ill-behaved children, the breakdown of relationships or even significant loss. After 20 years of working with people with cancer, I have come to realize how much stress is caused by the sad fact that many of us believe in one way and live in quite another. Our stress may be more a question of personal integrity than tim…