Christian Encouragement For Our Failures

We often look back upon our life when we are in a slump, and review our past failures instead of our triumphs. Instead of rejoicing that we now have, our feet planted on solid ground. Yes, even if we are fully serving the Lord, there are times of discouragement. If we dwell too long on the times of not being our best self, or our failure to read the Word of God, or pray more, it will sabotage our future.


Are You Easy To Love?

Hum...what a subject you might be thinking for a Christian Blog. However, we have often heard people say; "some people are just easier to love than others." I would like to think that Jesus thinks I am easy to love, however, I know that He knows; sometimes I am hardheaded, ambivalent about certain things, and quite set in my ways at times. Oh Lord, I am just too honest about myself.....or am I?


When We Need To Kneel For God's Mercy Again

I am just wondering in a Godly fashion I trust; why it is that we do not see the manifestation of God's presence more in our life, and in Church.

**Please refer to the note below post!

"Change your thoughts, change your life," is one true cliché. In our Christian life as well as all of our life.


Read The Book That Will Bring You Peace

The internet is full of solutions because everyone has written something these days about self help, personal growth and the like.
It is just too bad that we cannot package up  something within life issues to take care of all of life things that come our way, into one book. Maybe, all would welcome an eBook with a systematic blueprint for life from dust to dawn, and then back to the setting of the sun. It still would not cover all that is needed.

Do You Abide In The Father