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The "If" Word And Excuses That Hinder Our Christian Life

My Excuses 


"I find myself often making excuses of why I do not attend Wednesday night prayer meeting. Since I am a preacher's kid, you would think that I know better, however, I am guilty. I sometimes have too many excuses, and no they are NOT good enough."

 It seems that when I would do good, evil presents itself and I try to find "good" excuses. However, with what I know, what I have known all of my life, The Word gives us an outline for being consistently prepared for the onslaught of the enemy who wants us to lack in spirituality. As the scripture states:

Romans 7:21 "I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me."

This is not just about excuses for not attending a week night service, it is about excuses in general. How do we often expect God to give us immediate answers to our prayer when we are constantly finding excuses for our lack of staying in tune with His commandments and keeping our soul from falling into temptation.

The "If" Word- Nothing But Excuses

We can all make a list of the “if” words we have heard over the years of our life, and it would probably flow from New York to San Diego. Right? Why is this word such a popular word and what exactly does it mean? How do you use it the most, and why are you allowing yourself to defraud your happiness level and your walk with God, using the “if” word?

Let us explore.

The “if” word is actually a conditional clause

Simple Definition of If

  • Used to talk about the results or effect of something that may happen or be true
  • Used to discuss the imaginary result or effect of something that did not happen or that is or was not true
  • Used to say that something must happen before another thing can happen


Point Of Truth

Now to the point of truth, which one of the above meanings do we use “if” for the most?

Again, let us explore:

“If I had the time, I would read my Bible more, as it would give me more strength for daily living and less worry.”

“If I were more outgoing, I would join the other ladies in Sunday school, and take the time to visit the Nursing Home.”

“If I were like Judy, I would make myself be more attentive to my body weight, take some exercise in, and feel better, and feel less self-conscious in public.”

“If I could spend less time at work, I would visit my parents more.”

“If I had a million bucks, I would help other people who have less.”

“If I could spend more time praying, I know that I would be different, think different, and see life with a different mindset.”

“If my job were less stressful, I would be overall happier.”

“If I would attend church more, I know I would feel better.”

“If I were like my sister, I would overlook other people’s faults, strive to correct my own faults, and be a stronger Christian.”

“If only I were as successful as my sister, I would feel better about myself .”

“If life were different, my happiness and my Christian life would change.

What Are Our Priorities?

Are you focused on material things? Are you not thankful for the blessing that God has already given you? Obviously so if some of the “ifs” above are yours, and you are making these excuses and claiming to be a Child of God. This is strong words; however, all of the above “ifs” could be conquered and met with The Lord, Jesus Christ as the piolet of your life.

Some of the excuses above are just that; excuses, and those things must be conquered with prayer and your determination to overcome those things which you have control over. The Lord is not going to do for you, what you need to do for yourself.

Jesus Christ’s love can help us conquer our doubts, fears, and disbelief. We gain trust within ourselves, within God’s Word, and putting into action the admonitions He gives us through His Word.

If, if, if……….as the saying goes……if you want to make excuses you can, and your life will never change.

When we use the “if” word as used above, we are making excuses for not having what it takes to be drawn closer to God, His Church and His people. Are we lazy, are we sure that we can accomplish anything? If we are using the “if” word all the time in this negative sense, we are making excuses for no discipline within our life.

Life takes discipline in all areas, and when we use this word, we are wasting valuable time by even saying it. The time it takes to make these excuses could be put to use making the “ifs” turn into “through Jesus Christ, I can do all things.”

In addition, this frame of mind gives you the pessimist attitude, and you are being negative. “If I could only do this or that, I could become the Christian I am meant to be.” The statement should be; “I can do this, instead of that, and I can become the Child of God that I am entitled to become.”

The point here is that often we begin making excuses instead of making progress on our road to happiness, peace, contentment, and love. Our Christian life is no different from our carnal life. What we put into it, is exactly what we get out of it.

Life is short; we do not have the time to waste on the “ifs” in life. There is only one chance at life, “if” we use this word and have no action plan, we will, (not if) miss the chance to change all the negatives within our life to something positive. We dare not want to miss out with the Lord, and loose site of our Heavenly home.