The "If" Word And Excuses That Hinder Our Christian Life

My Excuses 


"I find myself often making excuses of why I do not attend Wednesday night prayer meeting. Since I am a preacher's kid, you would think that I know better, however, I am guilty. I sometimes have too many excuses, and no they are NOT good enough."


A Good Life's Design - With You In Mind

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This title may sound like a cliché, and you may be thinking; oh, another one of those articles. However, you are within reach of your own good life’s design. It is within your grasp, closer than you think, or have ever thought.
In fact, you may have thought that you were beyond having a good life’s design. Well, come aboard, I am about to tell you something.


The Spirit of God Within

Today I give thanks for all the good within my life. I am healthy, I have sufficiency in the things I need and God is always good.

Now, that does not mean that I do not have concerns, times of need, or times when I hurt because of issues within my life. I have times that I look back. I think about how I could have accomplished more, however being a Christian does not save us from life experiences. 

Do You Abide In The Father