Is God Real

There are many pundits who question, research, and try to distort the realness of God and the Bible.  There are scientist who have elaborate on and even question the forming of this world. The world is here because of the "big bang theory." Oh, my goodness, how some people are deceived.  Is God Real, has been written to give a much brighter view of what "really" does exist, how God made man in His likeness and the world that exist today. It is all logic, it is built on faith, the Bible, and most of all the knowing that God lives within our heart.

There Is Something That God Will Not Do

You may be thinking to yourself when you see the title to this post; has this person lost her salvation. No, I feel very good in my soul, and know that God is real, everlasting and loves me unconditionally, along with everyone else. However, there is truth to the title on the page.

Once we talk about this, I believe you will agree, “There is something that God will not do.” He will not make us live for Him.


Today's Blessings

Today, I have worked on this blog giving it some good looks (I hope), making it colorful, and most of all keeping it full of encouragement, hope, and sharing of God's wonderful love. Not long ago, someone mentioned that when writing, I should "stop writing and start talking." This was a lady that has been online for 19 years and has done extremely well. So, today's blessings is my talking point today.


The Repairman

Life surprises me every now and then, and I am amazed with how God changes things for our good even though we do not see it at the time. I keep wondering why I put myself through the thinking process of how ‘I’ am going to handle things; when I do not have any control over it, one way or the other.  Why do I? Is this you? Are you, your repairman?


How We Become An Example Of Christ

What makes a person Christ like or an example of Christ?  There are many aspects to being like Him you might say, and this is true. However there is one sure way to be an example of Christ.  That is to obey His Word, trust His Word, and live by His Word. Love like He does, forgive like He does, and seek daily to be more like Him. You may be thinking, "I cannot be a person who is like Christ, and I do not know how we become an example of Christ, it is impossible."


Mending Relationships - God's Way

Humans in general have all had a time, probably more than once where we have experienced a broken“fence” in our relationship with God, friendship, or kinship. In these times, it more than likely seemed that whatever had happened, made us or the other individual want to walk away. While we are reviewing methods of mending relationships - God's way, we know that we often become intolerable of certain behaviors. Some are justified, but we must remember exactly what God tells us to do.

Do You Abide In The Father