When Our Stumbles Turn into Sin

We have been talking a lot lately about our opinions and how they affect our worship in our Church and with this my thoughts have taken me to the subject of when our stumbles turn into sin.

 As Christians we sometimes want to voice our opinions without thinking of how our opinions, if voiced, just might affect another person's walk with God.  No, we do not mean to do that, it is just something that bothers us, and we need to get it out.  Just how many times do we need to get it out is one key to whether or not we are letting our stumbles turn into sin.

We are often walking a dark road.....

Most of us have done this at some point in our own Christian walk, but we were blessed enough to ask the Lord to please forgive us and not do it again, or realize that the best place to give our opinion is in prayer to God. 

After all He is the only one who can take care of our opinions, and He just might help us to realize that our opinions are worthless to others. If they do not line up with the word of God, they are nothing but vapor and mean something to only us, so much of the time.  More than likely this is when we should be seeking wisdom from God.

If this sounds a bit harsh, please go to James 1: 26 (KJV); "If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain."

It bites, doesn't it?  The spoken word can carry weight that can never be taken back, and those words will have an affect, one way or the other on the listeners. If the words are negative, more than likely they will lend a helping hand to negative feelings within another individual.  Our efforts should be to praise others or at least keep our mouth shut.  ***Sorry, I am just flat out honest.  If we have to keep our mouth closed to become an affective Christian and an example to others, that should be our goal.  We are deceiving ourselves when we can't.

No, we do not mean to offend, disappoint or confuse another individual, but it can be easy to do if we do not bridle our unruly member, the tongue.  I do not pretend to have conquered all the things I write about, but it is my desire to be more like Jesus and walk closer in the spirit of His will for my life.

Have I ever said words I should have kept to myself, absolutely yes.  Honest confessions are good for the soul and if we do not confess our faults and change, we will miss the calling to be more like Jesus.  A quick question we might asks ourselves is this:  "Would Jesus repeat this?" We already know the answer to most things we say, He probably laughs to himself and says: "Father, forgive them, help them to realize their job is to pray,  pray without ceasing." 

When we speak with The Father, our pathway become bright with His sunshine.

In conclusion, when does our stumbles turn into sin?  My explanation is the following:  If we cannot edify another person, it is not our job to voice anything else.  If we cannot love another individual and put ourselves in their position, we still need to go to God in prayer for what we feel is missing.

Until we have walked in another person's shoes, we do not know their plight, and it is the Lord's business, not ours.  He is a just God, loving the weak, the poor, those who seem less capable, and those whom we ignore because they do not meet our expectations.  His love doesn't leave anyone out. He loves us all the same.  Shame on me or you, when we think our opinions are worth more than His....we must learn to have a desire to only edify another soul.

"My eyes see things and I feel things which seem real and right to me. They become real to others only when I voice them, whether they are right or wrong. It is important to know we are wrong more times than we are right."

"By keeping a mindset of giving the benefit of the doubt, we strive to believe in all individuals...this should be our goal and only change when we are proven wrong."

"When we are voicing our opinion about another soul; we are leaving an opinion about us with the listener."

My Prayer:

Lord, please forgive my weakened thoughts, my opinions that do not amount to anything other than "my opinion" Forgive me and let me remember to take my cares to you, and leave them there.

End Note:

I am no one important.  I am not any better than the last person who has begged for Jesus to forgive their sins, no matter what their sins were.  I do not suggest that I know more than what He gives me from my soul to write about, but these words do flow and connect with the Word of God. 

I am just someone who wants to reach that eternal destination, called Heaven. I am just like any other ordinary human, I get my feelings hurt every now and then. I am grateful that God knows the heart and when we confess our faults, He is just, kind, and willing to forgive.

I do not want to offend, blame, hurt, or cause another soul grief. I merely want to help my brothers and sisters in the Lord to grow as I grow to a place where God's blessings and promises can be realized in our daily life. 


Linda Todd


  1. You're so right, we can easily fall into sinful behavior through the words we speak. I think you noted a good rule to live by: Asking ourselves if Jesus would repeat what we're thinking of saying. I like to say we should act as if God is in the room with us (since He actually is, it's just easy to forget that fact!). I think this can make a huge difference in the things we say and do! Thank you for the words of wisdom!

  2. Thank you Bree for stopping by. I have to make sure I watch my words as my thoughts often take over my mouth. LOL. It is not a laughing matter though and I do have to pray to keep from telling it like it is sometimes. In fact just last week I had said something and then re-read my post and felt embarrassed and needed to pray.

    Thank you for taking the time to come by.


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