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Perfect Love

A thought today was processed in my mind and here it is becoming a message for those who might feel a little unloved, misunderstood or without certainty, and that message is:  Jesus' love is Perfect Love...nothing is more perfect.

There is probably nothing else in life that is truly perfect, but Jesus has perfect love.  It never waivers, it does not back off, it is not afraid to have faith in us, it passes all understanding.  It is the greatest love.

Some Facts:

He does not look at our faults, He looks at our possibilities.  He does not judge us by our accomplishments or our assets, He judges us by our actions. He does not care about our weakest link; He helps us to fix it, if we ask.  He does not have an agenda to stay with the in-crowd, in fact He does not believe there are any. He walks with everyone, and more so the humble and lowly.  He does not forget about us, He counts the very hair of our head. He wants us to prosper, but He wants us to love Him more.

He is always there, even when we are wrong to guide us in the right direction.  He looks inside the heart and He knows the very intent. He knows that sometimes, our actions reiterate a lack of feeling secure for one reason or another. He gives us strength to rise above fear and let go of anger.  He does not care about our fashion, only that we are modest. His perfect love is about healing, it is about caring, it is about sharing what we know to help another soul reach heaven. 

His perfect love is about worshiping Him, not about how high we can soar with wordly fame.   He sees our success when we reach out to a soul who is falling, not when we reach the top of our profession. Above all, He appreciates our efforts to become more stable in Him, rather than feeling more secure in life things.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15: 13
There are times in eveyone's life that they feel alone even when there are people around. Even when we know how perfect Jesus' love is.  This has nothing to do with insecurities or feeling less than others.  It is somewhat human even though we should be more confident in Jesus' love, regardless of what is going on around us.

Our goal in life should be to keep Jesus' love prominent in our daily life so that little things do not hinder our walk with Him.  People change, a fact of life.  People disappoint us and we disappoint others at times in our life, but He never changes and He will never disappoints us.  He does have certain expectations and rules to live by, and He gives us plenty of how-to's in His words.

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

Friends in the flesh:

I consider myself to have a lot of friends. Each serves a different purpose to me and I to them.  They are always there, always.  They do not change with the wind or even when they find another friend, they are happy to be my friend and they seem to cherish our friendship, just as I do.  Just like Jesus' perfect love, their love for me is not based upon what I have or do not have. Our love is based upon who each of us are and our common goals.  We may not talk on a daily, monthly or yearly basis, but we know we are still friends.  If they call, I listen and try to encourage them, and if I call, they listen and encourage.  Some are work friends, some Christian friends, but all seem to know who I really am.  They never have pity for me, nor I for them. They know that I expect nothing, nor want anything from them accept their continued friendship and love. You do not have to beg for true friendship, it is just there.  If it isn't, it was not true to begin with.

When a person is your friend, just like Jesus' friendship, neither of you are expected to read aloud all of your accomplishments each time you are together because both know that failure usually is a part of life also.  Real friends are not friends because of what they have or don't have, they are friends because there is a bond that is not broken with accomplishments or failures. At some points in everyone's life there is failure and success.

 I have had a lot of material success and blessings in my life, through the grace of God and a lot of hard work. I have made a lot of money, been a lot of places, made a lot of friends, learned so much about people and life, and even had some foes. Not any of the above defines who I am, for who I am rest within me alone and is far more important than what I have done or where I have been, and what I have accomplished.  The good things in my lifetime does not give me status with God, and it does not give me my salvation.

My salvation is a gift, a gift of love. He doesn't care how much money I have made, how much I do not have, or even how much of it I have spent.  He cares about what I give to Him, most importantly about how I live my life so that I can go to heaven.    His love is perfect in that He knows that we all learn from lessons in life.  That is what true friendship is.  That is what Jesus' friendship is and that is what Jesus' perfect love is.

Linda Todd


  1. 'He doesn't look at our faults, He looks at our possibilities.' Oh, if we could only love like that. So thankful for Jesus, and His perfect love. May it continue to flow through each of us to bless this thirsty world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts to bless others.

  2. No, Carlie he doesn't look at our faults, he looks at our possibilities. Yes, I am working on myself so that I can be the person who looks at the possibilities also.

    I appreciate you coming by to read and comment. Thank you


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