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Healing Touch

Often in our life when life turns a page and we just cannot seem to surmount the trials in our life, we begin to wonder when His Healing Touch is going to come.  Do not be ashamed, it happens to all of us.  Life is not easy for most and especially Christians who are trying to overcome and live a life full of yest to attract others to our Savior.  It is in fact sometimes a struggle.  That is just honesty.  It does not help us to deny that life is not always pleasant or that we need His Healing Touch from time to time.

That said we know that God does not always give us what we want or what we think we need.  Usually when we do not get His Healing Touch when we think it is time, it is something we need to learn or something we have missed that we need to pay attention to that might be a keeping us from a blessing. Yes, we sometimes have flaws also that need to be corrected and watched with great care.

The Father knows our needs before we ask, but he also knows that we are still human an…