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Today's Inspiration

He Watches Over His Sheep
When you feel down, look up.
 "Lord, at all times and in the midst of all that is happening, You are there comforting, healing, and bringing peace to my life."
Pray not for freedom from difficulties, but for peace in your difficulties.
"Lord, help me in my disappointments, troubles, and sorrows and never let me lose sight of Your peace within me."
given by Marsheila Hayes

It is so true that we sometimes get weary from our burdens and think that He has left us.  We want to surcumb to the feelings of fear and doubt...well, we don't want to, but we do.  That is where saten can take hold of us; if we aren't careful and pull us backward, instead of forward.

The solution is just as the inspiration above indicates.  Realizing that He, Jesus is always there looking out for us, regardless of what we are going through.  He is never absent.  Our friends may be working, tending to family matter or whatever is in their path and cannot be there for us always, but He is, always there.... That does not mean that He doesn't allow us to go through certain things on a daily basis because it is necessary that we walk the road of life, all by ourselves sometimes.  We cannot pray for an easy path; it just ain't gonna happen!  No one is exempt from the trials and tribulations of life.  This is where we show "who we are" in our walk with God and if we are in earnest with our salvation.

Actually what really happens for us, is that Jesus brings the peace, comfort and joy even in the midst of our troubles.  That is His role and His promise.  Things come our way that we have no control over and He for sure did not cause these things.  For instance people do things to cause themselves grief, heatache and even financial woes; not meaning to. In other words, sometimes we bring things upon ourselves and it is then we must suffer the consequences of our behaviors.  But we must remember; we are not in a boat by ourselves and we have Him to relieve those troubling feelings.

Lastly, there is never anything that we have to bear, that someone else has not already been through.  Usually, there is someone, somewhere who can relate to our problems.  It is in knowing that someone has made it through the rain....that we can find our consolation and knowing first and foremost;  that we have an Almighty God who will always be there to help us through and give us a brighter day.

Linda Todd