Do You Abide In The Father

Just a note: I have been away from Blogger, working on several websites. I used some of this blog to write on my websites. I do not know if it is ever good to look backward, however, I thought maybe it is time to see.

Do You Abide In The Father?

My scripture today was in John 15, and this was before Jesus left this earth to go be with the Father and he was giving his disciples some very important information for them to base their life upon.

John 15: 1-11


Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water

The title to this post is a book written my Brian Luke Seaward, PH.D. I do not know when I purchased it, however, I suggest to you, it is a thought provoking inspirational read. No, I personally do not agree with all aspects of the thoughts concerning God, or some of the writing, however it would be a good read for anyone who has left their first love, God.

Since I am giving credit to the author, I am going to give you part of the opening of the forward to this book as it seems to be so true for so many people:


Stand Strong - Doubt Not- Keep The Faith

When reading my morning scripture I was reminded that wavering in doubt, fear, and wonder is not what Jesus has outlined for the Christian life. Stand strong - doubt not -keep the faith.

In fact, we are out of the will of God, when we slip into doubt, fear and start to question the Word of God and why we are allowed to go through trials.

Life can sometimes present a pattern of heartbreak, unhappiness, illness, financial despair, and life-things that astound us.

Most of us know that even the professionals tell us that; “life is unfair.” It seems that each family has certain things to cope with, endure, and often live with their entire life.


Joy In The Morning - Learn How To Live With Joy

Living with joy can sometimes be a challenge. However, by the grace of God for those who have accepted the Lord as their Savior, it is possible, and probable. 

When things appear to be going against our will, we tend to experience this as pain, suffering, or that we’re having a bad day.
Recognizing that we are in control of our feelings, and that we have the choice to live in joy, or in fear is the first step to creating a life full of joy and positivity. Just being privileged to know Jesus Christ should give us joy.


Christian Encouragement For Our Failures

We often look back upon our life when we are in a slump, and review our past failures instead of our triumphs. Instead of rejoicing that we now have, our feet planted on solid ground. Yes, even if we are fully serving the Lord, there are times of discouragement. If we dwell too long on the times of not being our best self, or our failure to read the Word of God, or pray more, it will sabotage our future.


Are You Easy To Love?

Hum...what a subject you might be thinking for a Christian Blog. However, we have often heard people say; "some people are just easier to love than others." I would like to think that Jesus thinks I am easy to love, however, I know that He knows; sometimes I am hardheaded, ambivalent about certain things, and quite set in my ways at times. Oh Lord, I am just too honest about myself.....or am I?


When We Need To Kneel For God's Mercy Again

I am just wondering in a Godly fashion I trust; why it is that we do not see the manifestation of God's presence more in our life, and in Church.

**Please refer to the note below post!

"Change your thoughts, change your life," is one true cliché. In our Christian life as well as all of our life.

Do You Abide In The Father